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Newsletter September 2011

New Moon in Virgo September 2011

Sunday August 28, at 10:04 PM CDT

Virgo is ruled by Mercury so it’s a mental game long before it becomes heart ruled.

“This is who I am. But oh I could be so much more.” “This is what I did. But oh I could have done so much more.” “Yes the tree is pretty, but look at that dead limb, on the right side, next to the almost dead one, no a little to the left.” Sound familiar?

On one hand Virgo is the most desirable of signs for it pushes us to evolve and become all that we are destined to be. On the other hand Virgos drive for perfection can be crippling, leaving us with feelings of failure and shame. “It’s the right thing to do.” “I should.” “I shouldn’t.” “I should have.”

One of my teachers has likened Virgo to a caterpillar that, as it’s walking, suddenly thinks, “Leg #42 isn’t working right.” Up until that time it was doing fine, but as the caterpillar gets picky about leg #42, everything goes to hell in a hand basket. Suddenly all legs become tangled. The caterpillar has no clue of the beautiful butterfly it inherently is. Right now its only concern is how messed up leg #42 is. It has completely lost sight of the process. Often there is blame and shame associated with this.

Self ReflectionIt is a long, long road to actualization. Spirit is still perfecting. Why would we think we need to be perfect? New nebulas are exploding as we speak. I’d say even the universe is still in process.

It can be debilitating to keep every leg moving just so, every hair in place, every wrinkle smoothed, or every hammered nail flush to the board.

Shall we move into the higher expression and the blessings of Virgo? In an attempt to become all that we can be, we have a built-in Virgoan spark that creates a need to serve others, in some way. Most of our service-oriented individuals will have strong Virgo tendencies, and God bless them.

 If Virgo is serving - in the highest form of service – there is a sweet transfer of energy.  As you give to others you will hear, “Thank you,” and you’ll find yourself saying, “No. Thank you.”  The server is not less than or greater than the other, and the one who has received is not less than or greater than the server.  It is through Virgo that we learn to work with others.

Thank You
Thank You.

We learn to get over ourselves in Virgo. We learn to co-create with spirit through Virgo. We learn that when something isn’t going the way we think it should then perhaps there’s another way to see things, maybe even a better way. We humbly surrender as we realize we simply can’t do this alone. It’s at that moment that joy enters our lives and we develop compassion for ourselves and others. We’ve joined hands with spirit. We cease our incessant grumbling at ourselves ‘and’ others. This is the Virgo process.

Virgo is a mind/body sign. That makes sense doesn’t it? If the mind is grumbling with its imperfections, what’s a body to do?  

Try using the following Virgo traits to set new intentions for your self during this Sunday’s New Moon.

  • » WORK/JOB
  • » ORDER

Here are a few suggestions for stating wishes that support your intent.

“I want to easily find myself completing work projects with a minimum of stress and a maximum of efficiency.”
“I want to create a routine that gives me plenty of time for work, play, and time with my family and friends.”
“I want to easily find myself creating neatness in my home.”
“I want all confusion and overanalyzing of my situation with regard to _______ easily lifted from me.”
“I want to consciously feel satisfaction from being of service to others in my work.”
“I want to easily find myself doing my part to bring order and calm to my environment.”
“I want to easily find myself focusing on what is right with my life, not what is wrong.”
“I want the compulsion to ‘fix’ others totally lifted from me.”
“I want the habit of using negative, critical language easily lifted from me.”
“I want the habit of blaming others totally lifted from me.”

Please refer to my New Moon Guidelines should you need to. Next month we’ll take a look at airy Libra.


Terri Zee