Sample Once Upon a Time

Once Upon a Time Sample Stories

  • For a Girl

    The following is a sample written for a newborn baby girl who has come in with a mission. My interpretation is that this child will need to be encouraged to speak her truth. She has planets indicating psychic tendencies and much wisdom. She is here to find her voice. There is evidence in the chart of a deep love for animals. It is also clear that she will have a love of foreign cultures.

    Once upon a time in a land far away lived a most beautiful princess. She lived during a time of war, but then there’s always been a war. She was loved and therefore hidden safely in a small room at the top southern exposure of the castle walls. The room was hers and comfortable, as comfortable as castle rooms can be. From the window of her room she looked out over green hills, and if she leaned out a bit she could see well to the east and a little to the west.

    On very rare occasions she was allowed to mount a pony and ride out with many guards surrounding her, for the castle feared invasion and the king and queen dared not allow her to be on her own. Each time she would shout with glee as her pony moved into a trot, and each time the guards would whisper, “Shh...” So she rode in silence all the while taking in every nook and cranny under each and every tree she had seen from her window high above............

    ........ When he spoke his words were as soft as the dove that had nested in the castle window, and her heart fluttered much like the dove’s cooing. The young man offered her water which she took. She had not been trained in trust. But she followed when he said, “My tribe is not far. There is food, and the people are kind, and there is grass for your mare.”

    It was many, many years she stayed with the tribe. They were not her people but they were kind. It was an unusual marriage in the eye’s of many perhaps for she did not have the same appearance of the tribe or her mate. But she was loved and she loved in return.

    She studied the ways of the shaman. For the rest of her life she learned and was well into old age before she could stand before the council in her power........

  • For a Boy

    The following is a sample written for a newborn baby boy who has come in to resolve relationship issues. He is drawn to focus on psychological issues. He has the potential for sharing his knowledge with humanity, perhaps through the written word. Fame is an old memory. Now family becomes his mission. It is where he will find his heart home.

    Once upon a time in a land far away lived a most romantic prince who would be king. Unlike most young men of his day, the prince dreamed not of battle, not of riches, although riches would be his, but he dreamed of love.

    As he grew his days were filled with formality and regimen, archery lessons, and music lessons of which he was quite adept, history, mathematics, and philosophy. He excelled in all studies, but his hand went up again and again when his philosophy tutor touted beliefs. He questioned, for to read it in a book or to hear someone else’s version of such things is one thing, but to live it was another. He was a child who learned by direct experience. Until he experienced a shooting star, shooting stars did not exist no matter how many times his tutor explained that they did..............

    ........... Drawn always to the village one day he was seated at a table under a brilliant sky, enjoying a coffee, his charts spread out before him when the laughter of young women broke his concentration. He looked up following the laughter. The one in blue caught his eye and she returned the contact, and full of her own sunshine she came and asked what he was doing. He fell in love. They talked for hours even though he had not known how to talk to ladies, he talked with her. Mostly he listened. They met every day for many days, and the sunshine grew.

    He had especially anticipated today. He had much to tell her. He waited a very long while, but she did not come. He had just learned, by direct experience, that love can be hard. He dreamed of her for the rest of his life..............

    ................... He grew in wisdom and accepted the work of marriage. The dream he had held all of his life was slowly released but not the joy for he came to love his wife dearly. His children came with their children to receive his just opinions. Others came and asked for healing, and he talked about dreams and how dreams are for dreaming. Life is for living.