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About Evolutionary States

It is a long path is it not? Just when we think we’ve maybe ‘got it’, we slide backwards or downwards or sideways only to once again and again begin again.

And what is the path? It is the journey that an individual soul must travel. According to Meher Baba who is considered to have been a realized being and recognized by many as the Avatar of the age, the ‘path’ began before time at the instant that God had the whim to ask, “Who am I”. In that instant everything within the everything began a journey to expand and to know itself and eventually return, with that full awareness of self, to Source. Thus from the beginning, a soul must experience a dual desire nature. On the one hand there is a desire to separate in order to know self as self, and on the other hand there is a burning desire to return “home”.

There are four states of evolutionary awareness recognized in Evolutionary Astrology. They are: 1. the dimly evolved and the de-evolved, 2. the consensus state with three stages which holds the highest percentage, 3. the individuated state with three stages, and 4. the spirituated state with three stages.


It is believed that approximately 70% of the people on the planet are at some stage of the consensus state. Roughly 20% are in one of the three stages of the individuated state. Perhaps 3 to 5% are in the dimly or de-evolved state with the remaining few percent in one of the stages of the spirituated state. There is no line of demarcation at the entrance or movement out or into any of these states, accept for the last state of the spirituated state where once we experience the final release of any and all separating desires, there is no going back and the great chasm is crossed. The desire to be separate has been exhausted.

Over eons, souls evolve into human consciousness having moved through a very long line of incarnations of less-aware states. As these souls first become aware of themselves as humans they usually exhibit a very dim awareness. Some dimly aware humans have arrived on planet Earth from other planetary life stations. In this dimly aware state it is not uncommon for there to be some sort of mental or physical retardation. But because they do not carry eons of human conditioning, they generally radiate love. The eyes of dimly evolved individuals reflect a dim awareness of the world around them due to a lack of conditioning based on human experience.

De-evolved souls return to lesser states of evolution than their last incarnation. They de-evolve due to extreme separating desires which create a karmic imbalance. Perhaps an example would be a misuse of power. Out of necessity, the soul returns in order to create balance and expend separating desires. This is a soul that has returned out of necessity to retrace its steps so to speak and is rare.

Another type of de-evolved soul returns due to karmic retribution. They have, in a previous life, created an event or events that caused such devastation to themselves or others that they must return and balance karma. These de-evolved souls are not pleasant to be around. Their auras are frightening and their eyes reflect deep trauma, anger, and fear and often times what we call evil.

Moving into the consensus state, a hefty seventy percent of the souls on earth are in the consensus state of awareness. Beginning with the first stage of the consensus state, these souls could be called the worker bees of society.  This group allows themselves to be defined by family, customs, taboos, and if religious beliefs are a part of the individual’s upbringing they are taught that God exists outside of themselves.  These people live their entire lives often without questioning the deeper meaning of life. Their lives are generally hard. They are generally not well educated and in speaking with them one must bring educated language to their level of understanding which is minimal. They are just getting started, so to speak.

In the second stage of the consensus state we find individuals who still exhibit much of the same beliefs as in the first stage, but generally these individuals are somewhat more educated. Religious teachings are still linked to a belief that God is ‘out there” and that one is always susceptible to punishment by God. This is where we find the majority of middle management, individuals who attempt to “keep up with the Jones’s”.  Separating desires keep these individuals shopping for fulfillment in a new house, a new lover, a new car, a new boat, etc. It is important to note that these separating desires tend to be a part of all of us right up and through stages of the spirituated state, although our attachment to these desires eventually lessens.

In the third stage consensus, the individual is still at the mercy of a great deal of human conditioning. Formalized religion, if religion is taught in the home environment, is important and is defended, sometimes vehemently. In this stage the individual is highly educated with respect to how the system works.  Here you find many of your CEO’s and presidents of countries. Most of the money in society is in the hands of these individuals, and they are still very much at the mercy of separating desires. They exist behind the closed doors of mansions and behind the closed doors of their minds to anything other than man-made laws and traditions that especially benefit them.  They are at the top of the pyramid of individuals creating new laws and systems that affect the population at large.

In order for the soul to grow and make the transition from the consensus state into the first stage of individuation, the soul will begin to recognize the ‘herd state’ mentality of the consensus group, and they will become more and more discontent with being under such control.  This stage is where we find some of the most insecure people on the planet because as they begin to question what it is really all about for them personally, they begin to experience a breakdown of human-made conditioning, and this period can be, and usually is, very confusing. This breakdown can occur through either cataclysmic or non-cataclysmic events that create a shift in the individual’s thinking. One must remember that it takes a great deal of courage for these souls to break away from eons of human-made conditioning. During this stage the individual lives with one foot in consensus and one foot in the beginning stage of the individuated state. They seek the security of ‘the old’ versus the uncertainty of ‘the new’. This is a clear cut example of our innate desire to separate and our innate desire to return to Source.

In the second stage of the Individuated state individuals have released a feeling of needing to belong in the consensus state. As a matter of fact they often recoil from consensus which can temporarily leave them depressed, feeling lost, alienated, or rebellious. In this state they begin to question everything they have been taught and may not believe in God at all. Or maybe they believe in ‘something’ but they don’t know what it is. They may say they don’t have an opinion one way or another about reincarnation. They seem pessimistic about life in general. They feel alone.

During a reading with a thirty-three year old female client, she informed me, rather defensively, that she had never believed in God and still didn’t. She did admit however that when her grandmother recently died she wished that she believed in an after life. She did believe in Darwinism and did feel that energy had to go somewhere when someone died. I mentioned an article I’d read that spoke of dying patients who were placed on weigh tables, and at the moment of their death they lost a few grams of weight even up to a few ounces.

She looked at me from under heavy lids. There was deep confusion and sadness in this woman.  Fortunately for her I believe that, together, we made some headway.  Using her birth chart we followed the formula as taught by Evolutionary Astrology, and she listened and joined in the exploration. It was when we talked about Vesta square the nodes in her chart that I noticed a ‘crack’ in her awareness. I explained my theory of how this archetype might have an effect and encouraged the client to select a special candle and light it for herself with the meditative desire to rekindle her sense of innocence and purity. She cried at this point.

When the self-criticism softens and when the anger and rebellion at human-made conditioning lessens we begin to have compassion for ourselves. We begin to know who we are. We now know that we don’t have to be at the mercy of human-made conditioning. We begin to feel that we are truly on our way which requires much courage along the way.

 Here the individual is experiencing the shift into the third stage of the individuated state, and a great burden is released from the soul due to the individual having discovered an inner voice that now becomes their authority.  This inner voice is a voice that is recognized as divine. Separating desires are still in play, but there is a new desire that enters the realm of consciousness, and that is the desire to return home, to Source.  They begin to have compassion for the human condition, but they may still have trouble accepting all people for who they are. With this new insight it may be difficult for them to allow others the space to find their own insight.

Jeffrey Wolf Green has stated that the new-age movement falls in between this third stage of individuation and the next state of awareness referred to as the spirituated state.  I believe this is where we learn to talk the talk which is certainly a fine beginning. One runs a lot of new-age theories through one’s own inner guide, shaping our own unique path. As one learns to walk the walk for their individuated soul, one moves into the spirituated state.

It is interesting to note that anywhere along these stages one may appear to rapidly advance, as if they changed over night. The theory is that in reality these souls have released current life conditioning and ‘caught up’ with their natural state from a previous life. And too, anywhere along these stages one can experience a ‘fall from grace’. These ‘falls’ can be minimal or catastrophic. It is said that the best way to learn humility is through humiliation. Who among us has not experienced this fact? Through humiliation we learn compassion for ourselves and others. It isn’t a race through time we’re on. We all arrive.

In the first stage of the spirituated state, the soul becomes the center of one’s being. Ego is still in play and will remain in play until the very end. But now the soul desires to co-create its life with Source. The individual begins to desire more time alone. This is necessary in order to connect more with spirit, to meditate, to quietly reflect, and to be in nature.   There is a feeling of self-reliance and compassion for self with all of our quirks, a genuine objective feeling of I’m ok, and you’re ok.  The soul begins to move away from self-centered ambition and considers how they might serve humanity. The individual might take up the study of a new spirit-centered field of study in order to further their release of conditioned thought. A sense of humility begins to be associated with the individual. And while separating desires are still in play, now the soul recognizes these desires as such and can make a conscious decision as to the level of benefit these desires might be to the individual and their effect on others.

In the second stage of the spirituated state the soul must now exhaust all ego desires. Here the ego and soul align. The soul is now the center of consciousness, not the ego. There is great love for all beings. As crisis come up, the individual surrenders knowing full well the necessity of such an occurrence in order to annihilate all desires but the one.  Due to a full understanding of natural law, the pitfall here is to play God. Should that occur, the soul experiences a fall from grace. This is a common bump in the road, but not a necessary step. Here is a difficult passage due to the extraordinary control needed to maintain the single desire to merge with Source.

In the third stage of the spirituated state the soul has only one or two personal desires left. The overwhelming desire felt by the soul is to merge with Source. Here we find the enlightened ones.  In their presence we are brought to our knees by the love we feel radiating from their being. In their presence we feel that we have come home. We feel the love of God. We see it in their eyes. These souls are capable of offering grace.  Only two or three percent of the souls on the planet are in the totality of the spirituated states. Only a very small percentage could possibly be in this third stage of the spirituated state.

“Forever Dance”

I am happy even before I have a reason.
I am full of light even before the sky
can greet the sun or the moon.

Dear companions,
we have been in love with God
for so very, very long.

What can Hafiz now do but forever


Daniel Ladinsky

“I Heard God Laughing…Renderings of Hafiz”  

Copyright Terri Zee 2009

Meher Baba

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