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Here's what some nice folks have had to say about my astrological consultations.

"I have known and dealt with Terri as an astrologer  for about fifteen years.  She has been on the money with her readings so far and at a fifteen year time line in my opinion that is a good job."  F.VV.

"It is hard to remember that the Universe is friendly and that it is helping me to grow spiritually and that everything that comes my way is perfect for the unfolding of my soul.  Remembering those things is just plain hard, but Terri Zee works with the evolutionary aspects of my astrological chart and grounds me to the understanding that ‘there is a plan’ to evolve.  When I have a session with her, ‘I get it.’  I remember and that makes it so much easier, in fact, it makes it so much fun."  C.C.

"For several years I have had the great fortune to be advised by Terri Zee in many personal, work-related, and self-development matters. With a style that always has me responding to her as if it was something I knew all along, but never delved into far enough, looked at in a certain way, or fathomed, Ms. Zee gets to the root cause of an issue and views all sides until it is thoroughly exposed, felt, accepted, and understood.  Terri's regard for the intangibles that come into play when a person tries to achieve better grasp of their lives, is quite revealing. Her intuitive instincts are invaluable to me: her precision as to career interests, spot-on time changes for switching job search priorities, linking a person's belief system and their fundamental life-interest attributes with career choices. Terri's intuitive instinct takes numerous divergent points and brings them into a cohesive whole, allowing a person to see for him or her self how best to proceed. When Terri does a reading, I feel as if no amount of money is sufficient to pay for what she has uncovered, gently delivered, and aided me in viewing clearly. Terri Zee is an expert Astrologer and a very experienced old soul, and anyone who has the opportunity to work with her is benefited beyond the obvious."  J.Q.

"Terri's insight and intuition are astounding. I have gained peace, focus and awareness through our sessions. She is so caring and nurturing and connects with me on such a deeper level. I highly recommend her as an astrologer, life coach and friend. She is a true treasure." K.W.

"I love knowing that Terri has all the information on my birth chart. She also has the birth chart for the compatibility of the significant person in my life--this is so helpful when things seem to be going in the wrong direction or when I have questions about a situation. It has made such a difference in how I approach the problems in our relationship. D.L.

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