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READINGS: $125.00 per hour

I offer readings over the phone or in person. For accurate readings an exact time of birth is needed.

Skype is available.



You may pay for your reading by cash, credit card, or use your Pay Pal account.


  • Basic Reading

    A one hour basic astrology reading focuses entirely on you. It is quite detailed covering your evolutionary past and current life intention and whatever issues may currently be of concern to you.

  • Relationship Reading

    A relationship reading examines your chart and the chart of another person and the compatibility between the two. It often reveals your past relationship and the issues you’ve come in to resolve.

  • Location Reading

    Discover the best location for a move, or a vacation. This reading requires technical and extensive prep time. You’ll receive printed reports and maps.

  • Newborn Readings and Readings for Children

    A reading for your infant or child will offer an awareness of the same information offered in consultations for adults. Your baby’s horoscope reading will indicate why your child is here, what is unresolved, and how can you offer guidance. They have their own path for sure, but it’s no accident that they have chosen you to guide them on their path to maturity.

  • Intuitive Card Reading $65.00 per 1/2 hour.This reading is highly intuitive with accurate results. This reading can easily be done over the telephone. I use cards that are similar to Tarot but use astrology as a guide. Card readings are included in Basic one-hour readings.

Evolutionary Astrology Personal Tutoring Services $100.00 per hour

I believe we need more Evolutionary Astrologers, and I love sharing and discussing astrology. I work in person or by phone. Please contact me so we can design a plan for you to become an Evolutionary Astrologer. If you have no working knowledge of the basics of Astrology I recommend the following reading material before you begin your training.

*Astrology for Dummies by Rae Orion

*The Inner Sky by Steven Forrest

*The Astrology Directory by Annie Lionnet


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