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Saturn Return

Are you 28, 29, or 30 years old? ------- You might want to listen up.

Are you 57, 58, or 59 years old? ------- You really want to listen up.

If you’re in your late 80’s, you’ve probably got one more chance, and it’s now.


A Saturn return is such an important time in our lives. Please scroll to watch the film, Saturn Return, written and produced by Terri in 2005.

Archetypically, the planet Saturn has a bit of the harsh energy of reality to it. Where it’s located in our charts is where we have to buck up – get real – face the music – and grow up. Put your big girl panties on...... put your big boy pants on. It rules Capricorn, and Capricorns usually have a strong backbone..... they tend to take life seriously.

Saturn rotates around our Sun, right? When you were born it was in a specific location and a specific sign. That changes as it rotates, and it takes Saturn 29 years to rotate around the Sun. So, for the first 29 years or so of your life Saturn is clicking around the Sun and it’s clicking around your birth chart. We know exactly where Saturn is in your chart because we have your birth place, your birth date, and the time of your birth, and our fabulous software took a snapshot of where every planet was at the time of your birth relative to the location of your birth.

In 29 years Saturn will click its way around to the exact location it was in at the time of your birth.......that’s called a Saturn Return. When it reaches its original point it will kick off the energy associated with the original placement. That has to do with the house your Saturn is in and the sign, and aspects it makes to other planets in your chart. See your astrologer.

In 2005 I produced, wrote and acted in an award-winning short film that depicts the life of a twenty-something woman at the crossroad of her first Saturn Return.

Notice I said her ‘first’ Saturn Return. If she is able to examine her life at 29 and say, “Hey, I need to get more real, I need to change my path a bit, that’s going to be hard, I’m really going to have to put my big girl panties on, but by golly I’m going to do it!” If she can do this, she has stepped up to the plate and allowed Saturn to assist her. That’s a successful Saturn Return. Didn’t say it would be easy, but that is a successful Saturn Return.

What happens if at 29 you put your head in the sand? What happens if you say, “Oh I can’t alter things now, and I’ve come too far. I’m in too deep!” Well, Saturn keeps on clicking. You had your chance. But you do get another chance... in 29 more years. You’re really in deep now. And generally speaking the second pass of Saturn tends to be fairly volatile, because there’s so much pent up ‘knowing’ that you’re just not being true to your SELF. If you miss the success of the second Saturn Return... you get one more chance – in your late 80’s.

The 19 minute film below depicts a difficult but successful ‘first’ Saturn Return. You can

watch the full short in 2 parts below. Enjoy.

Saturn ReturnWINNER: Audience Award, Best Short at the Deep Ellum Film Festival.

OFFICIAL SELECTION: Dances With Films, Pune International, Red Wasp Film Festival.

Powerful shifts are taking place in Carli's life. She seeks advice from her mother's friend, Rachel, an astrologer. Through an unexpected parallel of lives, Carli discovers a voice of her own. Their heartwarming story packs a message about the cycles of life.

written by Terri Zee
directed by Mark Hosack


Terri Zee
Stephanie Young
Brandi Little
Denton Blane Everett
Ernie Felts
Tina Parker
Slim Sweatmon
Kirk Extrell

produced by: Terri Zee, John Zee, Carol Conlee
music by: Damon Criswell
cinematography by: Brad Walker
sound design by: Johnny Marshall
editing by: Simon Applewhite
casting by: Kit Gwen
production design by: Hope Latimer
costume design by: Litsa Valis
props master: Kyle J. Boltz
sound mixer: Kyle Ryan
grip: Sloane Schoeneberg
production assistant: Tony Finley

Saturn return film
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